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Title: New Sounds

Updated: May 1

Welcome To The Studio!

Vocal Coaching | Private Lessons for Vocal, Piano, Guitar | Songwriting Recording

"NIKK MAY: PRIVATE STUDIO FOR VOICE | PIANO | GUITAR is a fusion of vocal coaching, voice (singing) lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, songwriting/composition, and music collaboration, combined with a deep inspiration to help students and artists in the most effective and meaningful ways possible."

Music is something to be shared. It has the power to positively influence, strengthen, encourage, heal, and bring people together in an all-encompassing soulful celebration.

A Little History

Since 2004 music for me has been a steady cycle of teaching, performing, songwriting, and ultimately getting to work with some incredibly talented individuals. Going back even further in the timeline, music was always a driving force from my family growing up, being a link that connected us together and a formative bond that was shared. From the beginning of learning drums from my dad at age 5 to the evolution towards piano, voice, and guitar, and having the opportunities to study with some amazing mentors along the way who helped fuse these skillsets together. Over the years I've enjoyed sharing this with students of my own alongside coaching clients from around the world and watching them connect with some heavy hitters within the music industry. Since I'm generally not keen on going on too much about myself, for more details please feel free to check out a full bio at the link below!

Moving Forward

One of the concepts I often use with vocal students is to never let the sound sit still for too long. Dynamic is important to the ebb and flow of a song and without it the music can quickly become stale. In the past two decades as a professional singer and musician, it's been the last 10 years that have focused almost entirely on teaching within the capacities of music schools, coaching organizations, and the like, only assisting others with projects outside of this academic scope to a certain degree with regards to songwriting and original artistry. Novella Sound Project marks a new turn and a fresh dynamic, with a design to encompass the full spectrum of learning, writing, crafting, producing, and creating music from start to finish. Music is a language we can all understand and that which allows each person to share their story and message with the world.

Discover Your Sound

Music is constantly changing and new artists emerging. Something I've always advocated to original songwriters is rather than imitating a trend or current status, find what truly speaks to you and share that message with the world. Sometimes it takes a bit of soul searching, and to wear one's heart on their sleeve so to speak can also be a bit scary, however challenge yourself to write about what's important without fear of what others might think. We don't always know who might be listening and sometimes it's the unknown populace that needs to hear what you have to say. Allow music to be a positive force in a world that can always use more of it.

Feel free to leave a comment below, share your thoughts or even something you're working on. Happy music-making!

Nikk May

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