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Nikk May: Private Studio For Voice | Piano | Guitar

"The studio is intended to be an equal opportunity resource for students, collaborative artists, performers, as well as those seeking private lessons and musical training in voice, piano, and guitar. Given the extended scope of students and clientele around the world, the following policies are to ensure equal fairness and accessibility to those requesting studio services."

Vocal Coaching. Private Lessons (Voice, Piano, Guitar). Songwriting. Composition. Music Recording and Studio Collaboration.

What types of lessons does the studio offer?

Private music lessons and one-on-one performance coaching appointments are offered in voice, piano, and guitar. Violin and viola lessons are available through "Jennifer Berg Violin Studio". For advanced students, songwriting and recording classes are also able to be scheduled.

How do I schedule private lessons and appointments?

The first step is to fill out a New Student Application, a link to the application can be found in the main menu header of the website. Depending on studio availability and openings, a lesson time may then be offered for both an introductory lesson as well as a regular weekly class time.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule an appointment?

No problem! In the event a student needs to miss a scheduled lesson due to illness, travel, another event or outside conflict, by submitting an Absence Form any time before the lesson would begin a personalized virtual make-up class will be prepared and received through the LessonMate Teaching Platform. These customized classes will address the same specifically tailored content and material that would be covered in the student's face-to-face session using video tutorials/uploaded sheet music/PDF files/bullet point notes/recorded audio/media links/and more. This allows the student to work through the lesson at a time that's convenient during the corresponding week and additionally ensures consistent and stable progress.

What types of recording projects are offered at the studio? 


The studio offers songwriting/recording services and general music collaboration specializing in singer/songwriter and solo artist genres. Recording projects for original artists are able to be developed from the ground up with full composition and arrangements among vocals and instrumentation. See the "Projects" page for more details!


How do I schedule studio time for recording? 

The first steps are to visit the "Projects" page and fill out a New Recording Project form. New requests may then be scheduled for a free 15-minute online consultation via Zoom to assess project details and strategies for recording. 

Nikk May: Private Studio For Voice | Piano | Guitar
Nikk May: Private Studio For Voice | Piano | Guitar
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