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Voice / Piano / Guitar

Do you offer private voice lessons, (piano, guitar) online through Skype?

- Yes! In fact many of our professonal and semi-professional level students from around the country are taught through video broadcasting platforms such as Skype as they tour, perform, record, and leave their musical mark on the world :)

Do you offer private voice lessons (piano, guitar) in-studio?

- Yes, private lessons and performance coaching are available directly on-site here at the studio.

What type(s) of training can I expect?

- The kind that works :) For singers, voice types can be wildly different and even musicians have varying strengths and weaknesses on an individual level. All curriculum covers everything from proper technique and pedagogical studies, to note reading, music theory, ear training, performance, and stylistic appeal. Every student is treated with a tailored approach that best matches where they are at as an artist and allows them to achieve optimum results.

Do you offer student recitals/concerts and/or public performances?

- Yes! We showcase multiple recital seasons throughout the year for student level singers/musicians as well as prepare career level artists for professional performances on stages across the country including radio, television, and live venue.

What should I do if I need to miss an appointment or lesson?

- For all absences or missed appointments, please fill out an absence form online at


What is the difference between a private studio and a "music school"?

- In short, most "all-in-one" lesson programs host a wide range of instruments and general classes taught by short-term and part-time instructors, and self-identify as a Music School or Academy of some sort. This sometimes throws prospective students off as places like this are typically privately-owned and hold no license, certification, collegiate affiliation, or recognition from an educational authority. In contrast, a private studio represents a specialized office focused on deeper learning while sharing its associations and history along with relevant credentials, training, experience, and specialities listed directly through resume and bio resources, so you know who you're working with and what they've done.

Is there a difference in quality between a private studio and a "music school"?

- From an educational standpoint, in many cases yes. Though self-titled schools promote somewhat more flexibility on scheduling, they also tend to suffer staffing issues from high teacher turnover rates requiring students to trade on/off with instructors with little to no stability. Often times teachers at these types of facilities are young, under-established, inexperienced, and ill-matched to that of the students they work with. With regards to a private studio being application-based and specialized, there is a much stronger focus on students' progress, development, and understanding of what is being studied from credible, specially trained individuals. Private studios are generally building and/or tending to career level singers, musicians, and performers, helping them to achieve specific and overall goals while advancing in their abilities.

How do I sign up for private voice lessons (piano, guitar)?

- Please fill out a New Student Application at Though appointment times are generally backlogged due to a student wait list, filling out an application will allow the studio to reach out to you if/when an appointment time becomes available.

Do you offer private voice lessons (piano, guitar) to adults?

- Yes, in fact many of the individuals studying here are active performers.

Do you offer private voice lessons (piano, guitar) to kids?

- Yes, though some younger singers under the age of 10 may not always be ready to begin vocal training due to various vocal physique and development stages at this age.

What is the cost of private voice lessons (piano, guitar)?

-  The cost of private lessons is $60/30 minute session, $90/45 minute session, and $120/60 minute session. Payments are made monthly as an automatic charge via standard credit card in order to reserve class time. Policy terms apply, for a complete review please visit

For new vocal, piano, and guitar lesson requests please fill out a New Student Application.