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"Working with Nikk has been one of the best decisions I ever made. His methods for singing and teaching voice are hands down the most effective and applicable."

- Caroline (Voice Student)

"One of the most considerate and talented teachers in the industry."

- Matthew (Voice Student)

"As an artist, I've never felt nearly as inspired working with anyone else as I do during vocal sessions with Nikk. He's careful, yet direct, and always manages to bring out the best in my voice. Simply an amazing instructor and vocal coach."

- Samantha (Voice Student)

"Nikk's musical intuition and artistry has always played a big part in my advancements in singing. His guidance and direction has led me to developing a singing voice that is stronger than I could ever imagine."

- Tessa (Voice Student)

"Both of my children have studied piano with Nikk for the past several years, and his passion for music as well as his love for teaching greatly reflect in the incredible progress my kids have made. He is an excellent teacher!"

- Mary Beth (Piano Student)

"We tried a localized music school that seemed to constantly lose teachers with the ones remaining only demonstrating basic level understanding and not holding much experience of their own. After being referred to Nikk, and him working with my daughter for only a month, we quickly realized what we'd been missing! He's an incredibly talented teacher and musical mentor for those seeking truly professional vocal lessons."

- Ashley (Voice Student)

"I've been studying guitar with Nikk for close to a year and no matter the obstacle, he never gives up on me. If every teacher had the patience and encouragement that Nikk demonstrates, alongside his knowledge and understanding of music, they'd be the better for it."

- Dave (Guitar Student)

"Nikk covers more ground in one voice lesson than most other teachers do in several months!"

- Christopher (Voice Student)

"Forget those gimmicky "music school" type programs. If you can get an opening with Nikk in his studio you'll experience very quickly why working with a specialized professional is a far superior learning experience than attending any "all-in-one" local lesson businesses structured for pre-K and elementary levels. I can't begin to tell you just how much Nikk has helped me succeed in my performance career, and how much stronger of a singer I've become by working with him one-on-one."

- Nicole (Voice Student)

"The only regret I have is not having the opportunity to study with Nikk sooner! As an active performer I've put my voice through a lot. Nikk has really helped me learn how to preserve my sound as a singer while continuing to strengthen and reinforce it's development."

- Melanie (Voice Student)





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