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Student Success Stories

Specialized technique and performance coaching for students in voice (singing), piano, and guitar. Songwriting and music collaboration.

"Working with Nikk has been one of the best decisions I ever made. His methods for singing and teaching voice are hands down the most effective and applicable."

- Caroline (Voice Student)

"One of the most considerate and talented teachers in the industry."

- Matthew (Voice Student)

"As an artist, I've never felt nearly as inspired working with anyone else as I do during vocal sessions with Nikk. He's careful, yet direct, and always manages to bring out the best in my voice. Simply an amazing instructor and vocal coach."

- Samantha (Voice Student)

"Nikk's musical intuition and artistry has always played a big part in my advancements in singing. His guidance and direction has led me to developing a singing voice that is stronger than I could ever imagine."

- Tessa (Voice Student)

"Both of my children have studied piano with Nikk for the past several years, and his passion for music as well as his love for teaching greatly reflect in the incredible progress my kids have made. He is an excellent teacher!"

- Mary Beth (Piano Student)

"We tried a localized music school that seemed to constantly lose teachers with the ones remaining only demonstrating basic level understanding and not holding much experience of their own. After being referred to Nikk, and him working with my daughter for only a month, we quickly realized what we'd been missing! He's an incredibly talented teacher and musical mentor for those seeking truly professional vocal lessons."

- Ashley (Voice Student)

"I've been studying guitar with Nikk for close to a year and no matter the obstacle, he never gives up on me. If every teacher had the patience and encouragement that Nikk demonstrates, alongside his knowledge and understanding of music, they'd be the better for it."

- Dave (Guitar Student)

"Nikk covers more ground in one voice lesson than most other teachers do in several months!"

- Christopher (Voice Student)

"Forget those gimmicky "music school" type programs. If you can get an opening with Nikk in his studio you'll experience very quickly why working with a specialized professional is a far superior learning experience than attending any "all-in-one" local lesson businesses structured for pre-K and elementary levels. I can't begin to tell you just how much Nikk has helped me succeed in my performance career, and how much stronger of a singer I've become by working with him one-on-one."

- Nicole (Voice Student)

"The only regret I have is not having the opportunity to study with Nikk sooner! As an active performer I've put my voice through a lot. Nikk has really helped me learn how to preserve my sound as a singer while continuing to strengthen and reinforce it's development."

- Melanie (Voice Student)

Additional Success Testimonials:


Mary Beth


"Singing lessons with Nikk has helped me gain so much momentum with my voice. I would definitely recommend him to any vocalist or performing artist out there looking to take things to the next level."

Milo Varen


"Nikk is an incredible vocal instructor. The exercises are great, everything from technique and understanding to performance pieces and building a well-matched musical repertoire, he really helps shape your sound to it's potential."


Skylar Wilson

"Living in California I've been taking online vocal lessons with Nikk for 6 months and feel a tremendous increase in my range, dynamic, and creative sense. He's an exceptional vocal coach and his instruction can definitely serve to greatly help any singer."


Jessica Kim


"I've studied piano with Nikk for the past 3 years and he's been an excellent piano teacher. Patient, knowledgeable, and highly talented. If you're a beginner piano student he'll start you from scratch, and if you're already a seasoned musician he'll work with you to fill in the gaps bettering you're playing."


David Smith

"I've been singing and playing guitar in bands for years enjoying moderate levels of success. After just a few classes with Nikk I was able to sing and play music I never would've touched before from the level of difficulty I use to experience. Taking both vocal and guitar lessons with Nikk have truly proved their value to me, gotta go with Nikk."


Terance Pierce


"Taking piano and vocal lessons with Nikk has been a huge game changer! He breaks down music in manageable ways that allow you to understand and put into solid practice."


Aaron Simmons

"I've been working with Nikk through online vocal lessons for over a year and can't say enough about how much he's helped me become a better trained singer and performer. Living in Atlanta there are plenty of vocal coaches out here, however working online with Nikk has proved hands down to be the best. He's an excellent vocal instructor and great music mentor to have."



Rita Miller

"As a theatre student it can be difficult to find a good vocal teacher who understands the variable singing styles between different shows. Nikk has been an exceptional help to me both in auditions and performance prep! His catalogue of vocal pieces contain a wide variety of different musical theatre selections and best of all he knows how to teach it and teach it well :) " 


Sammy Ledich


"I've enjoyed helpful coaching from quite a few vocal instructors over the years, however none have brought me as far as Nikk. Studying with him has helped me discover vocal potential I never knew I had. Vocal lessons with Nikk has not only helped me to tap into the strongest points of my voice but has also rekindled a new inspiration for me in music."




Lindsay Herek


"I've learned so much from my vocal classes with Nikk. He's a teacher who doesn't just hand you song after song and have you sing karaoke with it, he breaks it down and relates it to proper technique, character qualities, vocal form, and stylistic options. Nikk is a fantastic vocal coach and instructor."




Shannon Sterling


"As a singer and pianist I do a lot of songwriting and self-accompaniment. Nikk has helped me immensely with both voice lessons and piano lessons, helping me to form a better relationship between the two for my original songwriting as well as cover material. He really knows how to make things just click."

Devin Kerry

"I started as a beginner piano student with Nikk several years ago and have enjoyed every lesson of the journey. As a singer and musician Nikk is heavily skilled and as a teacher he does a terrific job of translating to his students of all ages and skill levels. Love having the opportunities to take piano lessons with Nikk."


Paul Garrett


"Studying with Nikk through online voice lessons has made all the difference for me as a Los Angeles based singer and performer. Even though he's nearly on the other side of the country, his online vocal classes work wonders in teaching the best technique, exercises, and vocal mechanics."


Kevin Finman


"My guitar lessons with Nikk have helped me to phenominally improve on where I was at with the instrument before. Nikk is an excellent guitar teacher with a lot of desire to see others succeed."



Sue Kim


"We couldn't have asked for a better piano or vocal instructor! Nikk is passionate about teaching, enjoys working with anyone willing to learn and has a true talent for what he does. If you're looking for piano lessons or voice lessons, look no further."



Jamie Ferras

"What's left to say.....Nikk is a stellar vocal coach and singing instructor! Definitely two thumbs up for anyone looking to strengthe and develop their voice to its potential."



Bri Taylor


"I can't say enough about how great of a vocal instructor Nikk has been to me in our voice lessons. Each class is something new, applicable, and material that will help you succeed in music. Study with Nikk, you won't regret it."



Erin Freeman

"Finding a solid vocal instructor can be a challenging experience, fortunately there are teachers like Nikk where once you find them you don't let go! I've taken vocal instructrion and singing lessons with him for almost 5 years and couldn't dream of changing back to any of my past teachers. Nikk is by far one of the best in the music industry."




Hailey Vansen


"Playing the piano had always been a goal of mine, Nikk has greatly helped bring that passion to life through our lessons. Taking piano lessons with Nikk has allowed me to not only read music but understand how it is created. I've been able to perform full scores as well as play by ear and even compose my own original pieces."


Ryan Selder


"I'm an active performer both on piano and as a vocalist so working with a highly skilled instructor who does both is unbeatable. Being from Florida I take online voice and piano lessons with Nikk and each session is like an eye opening experience to something new. He helps you tackle the current hurdles while also looking ahead to keep pushing you to your potential."

Carter Davidson

"I've really enjoyed every piano lesson with Nikk. He helps you look at music from a birds eye view, allowing you to see and do things with it that really develop the creative side. His piano classes are well structured and I love every one of them."


Jared Bashore

"Guitar had always been a secondary instrument for me until I started working with Nikk. Taking guitar lessons with him has allowed me to not only learn more about the instrument but also fuse the musical knowledge I have from piano onto the guitar as well. Nikk is an excellent teacher for the guitar and all around."


Terra Hart


"Nikk is a terrific vocal instructor! I study with him online each week through his online voice lessons as I'm from the Los Angeles area and have to say he's been one of if not the best vocal teacher I've ever had. Bottom line is even when you're good, he just knows how to make you sound even better."


Cammi Stevens


"I've been singing my whole life and after having worked with a series of vocal instructors was fortunate in finally finding Nikk! He's expanded so much more on vocal instruction than any of my previous teachers and his methods truly pay off. Taking private vocal lessons with Nikk has easily been one of the best decisions I could have made with music."


Brian Zan


"Nikk's vocal coaching and singing instruction has been a huge support for me in advancing a music career. As an active performer, it can prove challenging to fight vocal fatigue and deliver consistent quality every show. The vocal lessons I've taken with Nikk have really helped combat the strain of frequent performing and allowed me to develop a much stronger sense in utilizing my voice."

Eric Jacobs


"Nikk is truly an amazing voice teacher and musician. I've taken both vocal lessons and piano lessons with him for the past 2 years and have gained so much more in my musical abilities to both play and sing. He is someone who will really work hard and push you to help you accomplish your goals."


Janine Yu

"My experience with Nikk during our vocal lessons has always been of the utmost helpful kind. He is very passionate about music and helping others succeed, those qualities combined with his expertise of music and singing make him a fantastic voice teacher tough to find anywhere else."


Riley Wood

"I've been taking online guitar and voice lessons studying with Nikk for almost 2 years, working on songwriting and original music. Throughout this time Nikk has taught me how to write better, sing better, and perform as a professional artist. His abilities to teach voice and guitar, as well as helping you develop a marketable singer-songwriter style are simply the best."

Michael Lekter

"Taking guitar lessons with Nikk has been a huge transformation in both how I play and think about music. As an artist sometimes you can find yourself in these sort of creative slumps. Working with Nikk has really helped me overcome these in our lessons on many occassions as well as challenge me with new ideas and a great sound.


Katie Haas


"Love, love, love my vocal classes with Nikk! He's a teacher who knows how to just make things click with his students. Throughout my vocal lessons we've worked on all parts of the voice, developing a controlled vibrato and really learning how to move the sound. He's the best vocal teacher you could find."

Erica Mathews

"My voice wouldn't be the same without Nikk's help. The vocal exercises we've done have helped me achieve new sounds and better qualities that I was unable to tap into before. If you're a singer who wants really great voice lessons with a fantastic vocal teacher then Nikk is your guy."

Victoria Summers


"Nikk has helped me so much with my songwriting and singing! He has a very natural sense for identifying issues and how to correct them. Because of the vocal lessons I've had with Nikk I've now been able to write music that shows off more of my voice and allows me to be more expressive, it's such a freeing feeling like your voice now has wings."


Jillian Baker

"I've had Nikk work with me on several projects, helping me with vocal coaching in the studio as well as taking creative input on original songs. He's kind of like a magician, knowing just how to direct your voice and how to make the music come alive."


Sierra Kamen


"As a singer and active performer from the west coast I've been taking online voice lessons and studying wtih Nikk for just under a year. His expertise and knowledge of vocal mechanics and technique are excellent and his training methods for professional level singers are more than helpful."

Mika Kinsler

"If you've ever wanted to write, create, or compose anything original but have felt held back then Nikk is someone you need to work with. I've taken piano lessons with him for nearly 3 years and have discovered so many things about music I never learned from any teacher I had previously. He helps you connect the dots and gives you the tools to do with music whatever you want. Truly a great musician and a great piano instructor.

Michelle Bailey

"I've really ejoyed learning how to translate my background of piano onto the guitar. Nikk has made things so simple to understand during our guitar lessons and has been a huge help in helping me learn a new instrument."


Matthew Saden

"Singing used to be a struggle until I started working with Nikk. The vocal lessons I've had with him have tremendously helped to condition my voice as well as provide the right techniques for singing in different styles, characters, and settings. Nikk is a must have vocal coach and singing instructor."

Jada Van Alten

"Nikk will take you through every step of learning the piano, starting with the basics and exploring intermediate and advanced levels of playing. Taking private piano lessons with him has been a great experience and I strongly recommend him to anyone seeking to learn the piano."


Peter Losdale


"Taking online guitar lessons with Nikk has really helped me become the musician I've always wanted to be. He breaks down music theory, explains technique and really teaches students in a way that is easily digestable. Working with him online has been a huge help."


Violet Harris

"Once I started online vocal lessons and studying with Nikk I knew he was the coach I needed. You can tell he loves teaching and every class we have produces a better quality to how I sing. His online vocal classes are also a life saver when touring or on the road performing."

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