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Click below to sign in to your LessonMate account and view any lesson plans or make-up classes that were prepared for you during a missed lesson date.


Please consider the cancellation and make-up protocols found in the studio policy:

Absences: In the event a student needs to miss a scheduled lesson due to illness, travel, another event or outside conflict, a personalized virtual make-up class will be prepared and received through the LessonMate Teaching Platform. These customized classes will address the same specifically tailored content and material that would be covered in the student's face-to-face session using video tutorials/uploaded sheet music/PDF files/bullet point notes/recorded audio/media links/and more. This allows the student to work through the lesson at a time that's convenient and additionally ensures consistent and stable progress. Make-up classes are only eligible with advance notice provided by the student via the online absence form at any time before the scheduled lesson would begin. Without proper notice a make-up class will not be able to be received.

To review the complete studio policy, please click the link below.

Studio Lessons Policy

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