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Specialized instruction for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level students.

Studio reel of vocal students studying with Nikk May

More Information About Songwriting/Recording Lessons


In addition to teaching locally, the studio receives songwriting and audio production students from across the nation and through varying teaching networks, music programs, and professional referral sources. These students range from pop and commercial production to rock, blues, jazz, praise and worship, modern/contemporary, original artists, and songwriters.

Finding The Right Sound

Songwriting and recording is never a one-size-fits-all! Classes nurture the essential abilities and intuition that make high level students, able to match the best production sound to each and every project. One-on-one songwriting and recording lessons are designed with a student-centered approach to meet students where they are at while simultaneously providing them with the right musical nutrition to build successful skill sets.

Learn To Both Write And Produce Music

A good songwriter should think like a producer, and a good producer like a songwriter. For every song there is a composition and production quality matters. Audio production classes address the full spectrum and relationship between writing music that carries an intention and using a production quality that is in agreement with the song. Just like singers in a choir or acapella group need to learn how to vocalize in a way that compliments the entire ensemble rather than themselves as a soloist, songwriting and production needs to capture a certain blend and mix of artistic sound and sonic balance that reflects the project as a whole. When everything from songwriting to musicianship to production is in agreement with each other, the resulting recording is a top-notch project!

Applicable Theory For Songwriting And Recording


Students are taught critical elements of music theory beyond that of just scales and rhythm exercises. Students develop comprehensive skills allowing them to "connect the dots" to how music is created as well as learning how to create their own original compositions and production masterpieces.

Interpretive Songwriting Studies

Audio production classes encompass an approach that breaks down ideas such as color and texture, relating these to expressive elements like emotion and intent, and ultimately allowing students to touch and feel sound where the art of creating music becomes a much more tangible experience. Students are taught how to listen to the acoustic sound and digital environments within each project, strengthening themselves into becoming better songwriters, engineers, and producers.

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Private songwriting/recording lessons are offered in-studio as well as online using a professional multi-camera setup and are a great way to discover new possibilities in creating music. Class curriculum covers all aspects of songwriting and production, from proper gain staging and DAW setup to in-depth editing, how to run MIDI and virtual instruments, digital plugins, understanding mixing technique, as well as final mastering stages. Additionally, learn how to craft strong melodies, motifs, alternate chord voicings, and distribute ideas across a range of different instruments making a great composition that reflects the artist in you.


Songwriting/Recording lesson rates are $38/30-minutes, $57/45-minutes, and $76/60-minutes. Video lessons via Zoom are also available. For private lesson requests, please feel free to fill out a New Student Application by clicking the link below!


Music Studio



Nikk has worked across numerous stages, both as an educator and professionally managed performer. He's trained students internationally, and also shared students with famous CELEBRITY VOCAL COACHES such as BRETT MANNING (Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Leona Lewis, Hayley Williams), SETH RIGGS (Michael Jackson, Anita Baker, Stevie Wonder, Barbra Streisand, Madonna), and MAMA JAN SMITH (Usher, The Band Perry). Nikk has had the pleasure of watching his students connect with Grammy award winning producer NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN (Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin), ROB THOMAS (Matchbox 20), and HARRY CONNICK JR., while others have gone on to sign record contracts, shoot music videos, perform live on television, feature on both AMERICAN IDOL and THE VOICE, and mature into their own musical successes. Nikk has also helped students succeed at the University level, with those attending schools such as the University of Michigan, Berklee College of Music, Belmont University in Nashville, DePaul University, DIME, Michigan State University, and others across the U.S. In addition, many of Nikk's students are avid performers, songwriters, theatre stars, and are well-recognized in the music community.


The most important factor to consider when pursuing an education of any type is the relevant knowledge, training, and experience of the instructor to that of the goals and aspirations a student has. With some music facilities, an unfortunate side effect students often find themselves struggling with is a lack of real progress due to studying with a teacher attempting to give guidance that may be a little (or a lot!) outside of their respective field of expertise. This tends to run most prevalent with certain "all-in-one" type music programs that utilize a high volume of short-term and part-time instructors, some of whom may actually be students themselves still in school. This model can also create an instability for students by subjecting them to an ongoing list of replacement teachers due to the school or academy's high teacher turnover rate. First and foremost, always make sure your goals and aspirations match the specific field training and credible experiences of the teacher you're working with.

Over the last two decades, Nikk has crafted teaching methods that supplement a focused student-centered approach with a strong blend of healthy curriculum, mechanics, and pedagogy, enabling him to provide students with tangible progress as they pursue their performance goals. Visit the bio page for more information on Nikk and how he has successfully coached thousands of students across the country throughout the past 20 years, finding favor as a preferred choice for singers seeking strong vocal guidance and development.


Students have the option of coming into the studio or taking private lessons virtually using the studio's online teaching platforms. For online classes, the studio utilizes professional level microphones, multi-camera setups, and dedicated equipment designed for online learning. This allows students to experience the same level of quality and efficiency as they would with in-studio sessions, while also being able to study throughout performance touring, long distance learning, or even just from the comforts of their own home.



Competitions and Performance Events: Classes can be tailored to provide students with the best musical preparation for those pursuing competition involvements and/or audition-based opportunities. Such competitions have included various district, regional, national and international events, with organizations such as The World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA), American Guild of Music (AGM), MSVMA Solo & Ensemble, Federation, and others. Student involvement with other notable organizations include Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in both their summer programs and international choirs, as well as Interlochen Center for the Arts. Students are also supported in theatre auditions and perform regularly on local stages.

Concerts & Recitals: Recital participation is not mandatory but is encouraged! Studio concerts and recitals are free of charge to students and take place seasonally throughout the year. Recitals consist of a combination of students in voice, piano, guitar, as well as violin and viola from collaborations with Jennifer Berg Violin Studio. Recitals also include combined vocal and instrumental duet and ensemble performances.


No need for 24-hour notice! So long as an absence form is submitted before a student's lesson, any time they need to miss due to illness, travel, another event or outside conflict, a personalized virtual make-up class will be prepared and received through the LessonMate Teaching Platform. These customized classes address the same specifically tailored content and material that would be covered in the student's face-to-face session using video tutorials/uploaded sheet music/PDF files/bullet point notes/recorded audio/media links/and more. This allows students to work through any make-up lessons at a time that's convenient and additionally ensures consistent and stable progress.



Private lessons can be tailored to provide students with their very own professional recordings of mastered songs and performance ready material. Additionally, the recording studio provides full-scale production services including composing, writing, tracking, editing, mixing, and mastering, to artists and songwriters.


Other music learning facilities tend to only offer thinly walled and sound reflective multi-purpose rooms for lessons, rather than a professionally designed and acoustically treated lesson space. In addition, they are often focused primarily in younger, pre-school oriented kinder-care types of music education. These programs typically lend themselves to more recreational, loud and distracting background noises, combining with the lesser quality room design and compromising the formal lesson experience for students.

Here at the studio all students study in a clean, spacious, comfortable, and fully equipped studio environment so there's no need to worry about distractions from noisy lesson rooms or crowded hallways. All students and clientele enjoy an exclusive private studio experience without the noise.


 In collaboration with Jennifer Berg Violin Studio

Violin lessons and viola lessons for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students in a focused, studio setting with regular performance opportunities. Offering complete training in both classical and contemporary stylings, along with appropriate technique, theory, pedagogy, and full certification in Suzuki methods. Holding membership in American String Teachers Association (ASTA), as well as Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA), tenured membership with Ann Arbor Symphony (A2SO) and Flint Symphony (FSO). Click here for more information.


Students enjoy working with both studio performance and stage resources, learning everything from proper mic technique to acoustic balance, and learning how to "sing/play to the room". 


The studio hosts training and instruction services to a student base across the U.S. as well as internationally! With a clientele that ranges from professional artists to aspiring young students, the studio maintains active connections through various teaching networks and performance organizations spanning the globe. 



Move beyond generalized music lessons and into a specialty studio with Nikk. Providing a full range of vocal and instrumental training for students in voice, piano, and guitar, as well as artist development through songwriting/composition and music collaboration. Study the essential techniques of industry professionals, build understanding through mechanic concepts, and learn how to unlock your abilities to excel as a performer.

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