Private Studio For: VOICE/PIANO/GUITAR


36133 Johnstown Rd. Farmington Hills, MI 48335

Rates: $60/30-minutes, $90/45-minutes, or $120/60-minutes, paid monthly as an automatic charge via standard credit card. Introductory lessons are billed as a single one-time charge; standard classes beyond this will be charged the sum total of weekly appointments per calendar month. In the event a payment does not go through, class time cannot be scheduled or reserved.

Introductory Lesson: This studio operates as an independent private entity by application only, providing specialized training and instruction exclusively to both professional artists and student level clientele. Before a new student is taken on, an introductory lesson will be conducted to assess and determine overall expectations including practice requirements and lesson performance set by the studio. Appropriately following a positive assessment, a standard appointment time may then be offered subject to availability. Given the type of specialized coaching services and instruction provided, those unable to commit and follow through on lesson material and weekly class assignments will be ineligible to receive scheduling.

Schedule: The studio functions on a class-based, weekly appointment system to best serve the interests of all of its students. Lessons will be held at the same time each week, students need only commit to a month at a time and may discontinue before the next begins. On the 1st of each month, a payment for the total number of class weeks will be charged and automatically processed via standard credit card for the corresponding month. This will also serve as a continual schedule reservation until appointments are discontinued by either student or studio. In maintaining schedule accuracy with associated teaching networks, performance organizations, and professional referral sources, classes must be paid as outlined; otherwise the studio's scheduling system will no longer hold the time as reserved, and it may potentially be claimed by another student/client from an affiliated source. Additionally, the studio posts breaks and closings throughout the year to coincide with holidays, observances, and vacation days. In all instances, payments will be adjusted accordingly.

Absences: In the event a student needs to miss a scheduled lesson due to illness, travel, another event or outside conflict, a personalized virtual make-up class will be prepared and delivered through the LessonMate teaching platform. These customized classes will address the same specifically tailored content and material that would be covered in the student's face-to-face session using video attachments/uploaded sheet music/PDF files/bullet point notes/recorded audio/media links/etc. This allows the student to work through the lesson at a time that's convenient during the corresponding week and additionally ensures consistent and stable progress. Make-up classes are only eligible with advance notice provided by the student via the online absence form at any time before the scheduled lesson would begin. Without proper notice a make-up class will not be able to be received.

IMPORTANT: Any missed appointments or cancellations should be submitted online at Because of the studio's schedule type (reserved appointments only) and setup with professional performance/teaching affiliations, this is the only way scheduling adjustments can be made. Correspondence of absence outside of this protocol (made by private email, txt message, voicemail, etc) will be unable to be recorded. Absence forms can also be found upon entering the website, directly under "Student Resources".


Recitals: Recital participation is not mandatory but is encouraged! Recitals are free of charge and take place seasonally throughout the year. Recitals consist of a combination of students in voice, piano, guitar, as well as violin and viola from collaborations with Jennifer Berg Violin Studio. Recitals also include vocal and instrumental ensemble performances featured in the group class "Studio Ensemble" (SE) program.


The next recital will be on December 12th, 2020 at 1pm and 3pm at the Farmington Hills Community Auditorium, located at 32737 West 12 Mile Rd Farmington Hills 48334.


Competitions and Performance Events: Many of our students select to compete through various district, regional, national, and international competitions. Such competitions have included organizations such as The World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA), American Guild of Music (AGM), MSVMA Solo & Ensemble, Federation, and others. Student involvement with other notable organizations includes Interlochen Center For The Arts, as well as Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp in both their summer programs and international choirs. Students are also supported in theatre auditions, and perform regularly on local stages.

Media Disclaimer: Personal videos, photos, and/or media recordings of any kind are strictly prohibited from being taken on-site. This serves to protect the privacy interests of the studio as well as those of the general clientele including artists, songwriters, recognized performers, and any copyright claims against pre-release of original work and/or performance material. All recitals, student concerts, and public venue performances may be freely recorded unless otherwise noted.


Acknowledgement: Please sign and date below confirming that you agree to the terms and conditions outlined above in this studio policy. Thank you!