Perform - Record - Develop - Inspire

Studio Ensemble (SE) is a class designed to enhance what a student studies in his or her private lesson. It offers a valuable supplement of group performance, getting students connected and collaborating together to create music and build relationships with one another. Each class is a mixture of both vocal and instrumental students, collectively learning, recording, and performing a set list of songs for each recital season. 


During the SE sessions, students can expect to learn and experience firsthand what it is like to record music as a group, providing them with a hands-on experience using professional level equipment and studio resources. Students will also learn how to effectively communicate on their instrument with other singers and musicians, as well as develop a stronger understanding of applicable music theory. They will cultivate essential skills in learning how to listen creatively, and staying attentive to what is going on around them both in rehearsal and performance regarding musical ideas such as rhythm, pitch, dynamics, articulation, and other concepts. Most importantly, SE students will learn how to artistically move, breathe, and respond musically as a unified band.

At the end of every session there will be a final concert performance for all of the SE groups! Throughout the session groups will also create band names, logos, and bios to go with their recorded CD demo.

Studio Ensemble classes are 75 minutes each week, and break down to a price of $60/class. Students that enroll are expected to commit to the entire 4 to 5 month session as losing any member of the group disrupts the song arrangements and progress of the entire band.

For more information, or if you have any questions please send us a message by clicking here, or by visiting the contact page. See you on the stage!