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Project Agreement

Studio Rate: All recording, songwriting, and audio production services are set at $120 per hour and invoiced upon project start date. Invoices will include a detailed list of the above requests submitted by the artist, allocated to the estimated studio time involved for project completion. Depending on project development and any additional interests made by the artist, additional charges may apply only through mutual agreement by both studio and artist. Payment can be made by credit, check, or cash, and processed online, in-person, or mailed to the address shown. A late fee of 10 percent the total due may be applied if payment is not received within one week after the due date listed.

Credits and Copyrights: All applicable collaborations between studio and artist must be noted and cited respectively in all copyrights and released material. Such credits may consist of but not limited to composition, music arrangement, instrumental performance, vocal coaching, songwriting contributions including lyrics/melody/accompaniment, and final production.

Media Disclaimer: Personal videos, photos, and/or media recordings of any kind are strictly prohibited from being taken on-site. This serves to protect the privacy interests of the studio as well as those of the general clientele including artists, songwriters, recognized performers, and any copyright claims against pre-release of original work and/or performance material. All live concerts, and public venue performances may be freely recorded unless otherwise noted.

Acknowledgement: Please sign and date below confirming that you agree to the terms and conditions outlined above in this project agreement. Thank you, and we look forward to working with you in the studio!