Why Private Studios Are Preferred

"Studio" Quality Without The Noise

The most important factor to consider when pursuing an education of any type is the relevant knowledge, training, and experience of the instructor to that of the goals and aspirations a student has. In music, though it is a disheartening fact, there are some who assume particular roles without the proper credentials to support the type of training they attempt to provide. First and foremost, always make sure your goals and aspirations match the training and experience of the teacher you're working with.


Private studio based instruction offers the highest quality learning experience. Contrary to many entry level "all-in-one" type music schools, private studios are completely specialized in their respective fields and work with both professional career and student level clientele. Though self-titled music schools tend to suffer assembly line turnover with both their students and staff, private studios are often specifically referral and/or application based maintaining students long term. Though some may be more selective than others, students that belong to a private studio can enjoy exclusive one-on-one attention with their professional instructor as well as direct communication with their instructor both in and outside of the lesson room. Private studios also supply personalized lesson plans, competition involvement, achievement awards, and multiple recital seasons throughout each year. Many performance oriented private studios are also equipped with on-site professional grade recording and audio production suites, as well as live performance equipment and stage resources. Because of high student retention rates and the strong demand for specialized instruction, availability within a private studio may be somewhat limited. A private studio can offer quiet, comfortable, acoustically treated lesson spaces without the crowded hallways and distractions of noisy lesson rooms at most music school businesses. There is also never a worry of being matched with an inexperienced instructor or excessive teacher turnover, and given the discreet nature of a private studio setup their complete focus is on the quality of education rather than a need to enlist gimmicky flash sales and self-promotion. By design, private studios are also able to successfully integrate students as they mature into the professional musical fields to which they aspire. Recitals may be provided throughout the year at no extra cost, and there are generally no added costs or hidden fees associated with printed music or materials. There is also no cost to enroll, aside from the normal lesson rate.

Quality instruction can be found in a range of facilities, however private studios naturally cultivate and maintain a long-term, dedicated student base with superior resources, specialized instruction, and focused attention to each individual student. They are designed to provide exceptional, studio level quality, giving students the opportunities they seek, and the proper experiences to be successful.