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Title: Make It 8K

Updated: May 1

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Students I've worked with long enough have more than likely, at one point or another, experienced one of my references bridging music lessons to videogames :) Admittedly outside of music, I'm also a lifelong "gamer", enjoying everything from the soundtracks and musical scores that go into them to the storytelling, graphics engines, and technological advancements made over the years.

Raising The Bar

A couple of years back, my wife spoiled me with an 85-inch 8k Samsung as a Christmas gift shortly after they had first launched, appealing to my "gamer" side that it would allow me to utilize the untapped 8k capabilities of my then current PC graphics card (RTX 3090 for those interested!) to run games at this crazy resolution on a TV. Of course I was excited, a bit skeptical, but still overall intrigued by what the difference in visual fidelity would be. Needless to say, after testing things out I became an 8k addict, witnessing the clarity and visual detail in what my passionately driven nerd side considered to be the ULTIMATE GAMEPLAY at 4x the resolution provided by current generation 4k screens and 16x the resolution of standard FHD. That's a lot of pixels!

Performance Improvements

Connecting this to music, there is a precision element when it comes to any musical performance. Details in articulations and dynamic, color and tonal qualities being used and a balance of technique that goes beyond just the notes and rhythms found on a page of sheet music. For singers, articulation isn't just the pronunciation of words but more specifically the consonants within lyric. Vocalists should think of consonants being similar to the clarity and resolution of a photograph or video, there are elements within the captured image that should focus and pop while others should soften and meld to the background. Knowing when to push off articulations for strength without having to overwork the diaphragm and bringing out the percussive qualities of certain words for style can add a lot to a singer's performance.

One of the most important ideas for a performer is to not become complacent with their sound. It's easy to fall into a monotonous presentation, especially when they achieve a notable level in ability and the repetition of practice is involved. The best performers always practice with a goal in mind, even if it's simply running scales or technique exercises. Everything should have purpose, and when a singer or musician is able to get themselves into that state of artistry with whatever they sing or play the results can be sky high.

In Summation

Make it 8k, every time. Even if 4k seems good enough, be careful not to become complacent with your music and instead always push for the extra improvement. With every performance, consider the mechanics and accompanying technique involved and make positive adjustments like you would editing a photo or video image. Continue building into that 8k musical intuition and remember that details can make all the difference between a great performance and an outstanding one.

Feel free to leave a comment below, share your thoughts or even something you're working on. Happy music-making!

Nikk May

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