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Finding The Right Teacher

Updated: Mar 2

Nikk May: Private Studio For Voice / Piano / Guitar "Finding The Right Teacher"

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to find the right teacher when it comes to singing or learning an instrument. Discerning between qualifications, credentials, relevant experience, history, and most importantly an instructor's intuition, can be a challenging process especially amongst the noise of advertised flash sales, neon lit signs and general marketing gimmicks of so many businesses categorizing themselves to be a "music school". The negative impact of an ill-matched or inexperienced teacher can hit like a wrecking ball when realizing the result in lost time, expense, progress, interest, and even potential damage to the physique of a student's voice and instrumental abilities.

For those seeking to make a genuine commitment to learning to sing or play an instrument, the best place to start is with a proven and experienced teacher who puts your best interest first. Accredited music schools (those that are University, non-profit, or State/Federally funded), along with professional studios are generally application based and have a limited number of students with which they take on, drawing a distinction between those offering a true academic mentorship, and a business focused on rapidly building its customer base.

When searching for a private teacher, helpful things to consider are the methods an instructor uses and if these appropriately match the direction of musical interest to that of the student. With singers there should always be a method designed to strengthen and develop a voice while simultaneously providing techniques to relax, soothe, and gently care for the voice. Are you being taught both how to do something and why it is important, or is the instructor just blindly giving direction. Learning music is not a "one size fits all", therefore templatized systems or similar programs of this type are never a good option. Additionally, consider the performance success, not just of the teacher but also that of their students.

With any commercial business claiming itself to be a "school" or academy, the primary intent is to expand, mass produce, and capture revenue, unfortunately none of which esteems a student's best interest. There are private studios all over, as well as referral studios, University hosted community music programs, and many other credible and legitimate sources to pursue for music education. Remember to explore these options and always make sure your goals and aspirations match the training and experience of the instructor you work with.

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