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Tension And Release

Nikk May: Private Studio For Voice / Piano / Guitar "Tension And Release"

Someone once told me that great music is a balanced variation of tension and release. Dissonant harmonies followed by measurements of resolve, emotional melodies discovering levels of peace. Complimenting these ideas are also the expressive elements of dynamic and articulation.

As a constant rule of thumb I train singers to continually "move" their sound, and consider the message and meaning of a song. It's important to always be sensitive to the lyric being sung, and establish an aim and direction in which to express it. Music should never sit still. This wave-like rise and fall presentation, combined with a dynamic push and pull, plays an important role in a song leaving an imprint of itself on it's listener, producing an impact that can speak to the deepest parts of their soul.

The world produces its own set of obstacles and in many ways we are always being challenged by situations, scenarios, outcomes, etc. Though many times it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, it's when we move through these challenges that we become stronger and our story more meaningful. Just as music builds upon tension and release, so must we embrace the challenges we encounter knowing that it's all part of an incredible experience through a lifelong journey. The song of our life.

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